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Personal Data Protection

Data Administration

We would like to inform you that your data is administered at Firma Usługi Specjalistyczne Pokrzywka i Wspólnicy  s.c.  z siedzibą w Koninie  62-500,  ul. Europejska 83. In order to contact the administrator, go to:

The purposes of use

Your data will be administered according to the general regulation of personal data protection from April 27, 2016. As an administrator we are legally authorised in terms of communication purposes.

The rights of a user

The personal data will be processed during the period of the legal activity of the administrator in the market and during the completing of the tasks using the personal data. We inform our clients that their data can be accessed, corrected, deleted or partly restricted. Our clients may also object to their data processing or transfer. Any client has a right to lodge a complaint to the judiciary due to the data breach.

The receivers and personal data transfer

According to the regulations of law, the administrator may transfer the personal data to other parties authorised to receiving the data, especially the companies co-operating with the administrator upon the legal contracts and parties sharing their capital with the administrator or the debt collecting or debt trading institutions, especially the business information offices or institutions operating upon the Bank Law Act of August 29, 1997, Article 105 (4).